Monday, November 16, 2009

What kills the staphylococco aureus bacteria definitively?

Not sure, but Plocher might be able to help?

What kills the staphylococco aureus bacteria definitively?
I did a search query on yahoo and found out that bleach does the trick. Now, if only we can inject it into the body, oh well.
Reply:Bleach is best. The Chlorine kills it.
Reply:I assume you are referring to a lesion of some sort that has an overgrowth of it? You don't want to put bleach on your skin... Now, if you are worried about it being on your hands, you should know that S. aureus is a "resident" of our skin... Meaning, it's just there all the time and you can't do much about it... and it doesn't harm us as long as we don't let it "take over"...

If you have a specific situation, you could use a surgical betadine scrub.. and a brush that has gone through an autoclave for sterilization to get rid of it from, for example, your hands.. (that's what surgeons and nurses do to disinfect their hands before surgery)

It really depends on what your situation is... If you want to kill it everywhere so that it's not on earth anymore... It's very unlikely to find something that will because there will always be a few that live through it.. Making the staph that much harder to kill bc they basically have small mutations that will keep them alive, and they will have daughter cells that are resistant to whatever you used as well, and so on and so on... Just like there are already drug resistant types of staph that people staying in the hospital for long periods of time can get.. Hope this helps..

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