Friday, November 20, 2009

Does freezing yogurt kill the bacteria (the good type)?

Does freezing yogurt destroy or alter the effectiveness of the live cultures?

You can freeze yogurt. Yogurt that has been frozen and thawed will have a different look and texture than fresh yogurt. The cultures become dormant when frozen, but once thawed either in the refrigerator or by your body heat when ingested; they will become live and active once again. There will be a few cultures that do die, but there are so many billions in our products, that it is truly insignificant.

Does freezing yogurt kill the bacteria (the good type)?
No. Freezing won't kill bacteria (good or bad) it just temporarily stops growth. Cooking, on the other hand will.
Reply:It just becomes dormant. When the yoghurt returns to its normal temperature, the bacteria wake up again and can also multiply depending on the temperature. I don't know how the yoghurt tastes after being thawed out though.

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